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Created in Toulouse in 1960, Technal is a French company offering aluminium construction systems that are designed to inspire contemporary architecture: façades and curtain walls, doors, windows, sliding doors, balustrade, pergolas, gates...

Thanks to its globally recognised expertise and increasingly inventive and powerful technical solutions, the brand is able to respond to new challenges on a daily basis, resulting in creative, intelligent and liberated architecture. In a word, it’s living! As a market leader, its excellence, know-how, unique design and innovative vision have set the standard in France and throughout the world.


Technal’s solutions can be adapted to each project, linking inside and outside spaces with large dimensions, pure design and maximum performance to meet the various needs of the construction and residential markets, from new builds to renovations.

We see the future.


It begins with Dom as domus, precisely home, and ends with Al as aluminum. It is the Domal brand. 

We have been alongside our Italian customers for over 40 years. 

We promote aluminum windows for buildings in line with our current and future way of life. In a nutshell with windows that are increasingly comfortable, efficient and sustainable. 


We use all our energies to pursue a constant search for excellence, in which the ability to innovate is the distinctive element of the company.

Buying a Domal product represents a valuable choice in terms of brightness, infinite range of colors, high acoustic and thermal comfort, energy saving, resistance and durability.

Domal has been providing the best window solutions in India for over 20 Years. It was the first brand in India providing Aluminum Window & Door Building Systems.

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