Profile System

Panel Sizes

Maximum Weight Per Panel


Locking Mechanisms

Air Permeability Up To Class

Water Tightness Up To Class

Wind Pressure Resistance Up To Class

Sound Insulation Upto

Burglar Resistance Level Up To

Thermal Performance Up To


Lumeal XXL

Aluminium with thermal break profile system

Upto W 4.40 m. Upto H 3.60 m 

Upto 300 kg with stainless steel rollers

24 - 32 mm

Several handle options with a refined design

non-locking or 2-point and 3-point locking

4 (EN-1026)

7A (EN-1027)

B3 (EN-12211)

37 dB ( Ra, Tr) (EN ISO 140)

RC3 ( EN 1627-30)

Uw (Thermal Insulation) = 1.2W/m2.K with Ug = 1.0 

W/m2.k + Insulating Spacer

  • Lighter aluminium weight (-35%) with only 68mm and 77mm of visible aluminium

  • Slim central meeting stile of 38mm

  • Concealed drainage for all applications

Motorized option for more comfort and accessibility
  • Motorization allowing automatic lateral displacement and locking/unlocking of the operating sash

  • Motorization system fully integrated to the slider to keep the LUMEAL XXL high performance and aesthetic

  • Easy and noiseless lateral displacement:speed around 15 m/s (according to size of sash)

  • In case of obstacle, the sash stops and goes back to release

  • Large Dimensions(Frames upto 4m long)

  • International use thanks to tropic circuit board running in 100% relative humidity atmosphere

Security/Forcible Entry Delay

LUMEAL sliding system, resistance class level 3 (RC3) against burglary according to the European norm EN 1627-30, Locking system inaccessible from the outside, with either non-locking or 2-point and 3-point locking.

Lumeal XXL large dimensional slider

LUMEAL XXL  is the new slider by Technal. This innovative solution allows you to create a wide glass surface area.

The bearing system can accommodate up to 600 kg per leaf whilst offering a smooth operability. Its central reinforced profile ensures outstanding wind resistance, allowing the realization of remarkable heights. 

Lumeal-Lock (1).png
Unique Features
  • Unique System with Rollers in Track for Smooth Operation of Large Panels

  • Design allows for Cladding of Exterior Frames Giving only Glass View from Outside

Technal LUMEAL is a minimalist sliding system with a concealed opening sash. Its minimalist design optimizes natural light and ensures an 8 to 14% gain in glass surface area depending on the application.

LUMEAL can be used to create different opening configurations combining a fixed section and sliding section, associated with a slim central meeting stile. The slider has a distinct refined finish with no overlapping of profiles and concealed drainage. Square-jointed assembly also helps to refine the structure.

This system offers a real solution for low energy building projects due to its very low air permeability and outstanding thermal performance.

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