The stunning look is just the beginning. ARTYAL delivers a series of benefits and guarantees worthy of a world-class product. Both in terms of thermal insulation and configurations, ARTYAL strikes that difficult balance between transparency and comfort.


The glass alone cannot slide, maintain tightness and ensure mechanical resistance to wind pressure.

ARTYAL manages to convert these large glazed walls into a resistant wall—tested for watertightness, air permeability and intrusion resistance. Its system design has passed stringent certification tests.



Profile System

Panel Sizes

Maximum Weight Per Panel


Locking Mechanisms

Air Permeability Up To Class

Water Tightness Up To Class

Wind Pressure Resistance Up To Class

Sound Insulation Upto

Thermal Performance Up To


Aluminium with thermal break profile system

Upto H 3.60 m 

Upto 1200 kg with stainless steel rollers

Upto 48 mm

Several handle options with a refined design

non-locking or 2-point and 3-point locking

EN 12207 C3

EN 12208 E750

EN 12210 C3

Rw (C, Ctr) = 37 (−1; −1) dB (EN ISO 140)

Uw < 1.0 W/m².K for sliding doors measuring 3000 (H) x 2800 (L) mm.

Large Dimensions
  • Height and length depend on the proportions and the wind’s dynamic pressure/suction, so these must be calculated on a project-by-project basis. Maximum Height Permitted upto 4.4 Mtrts.


  • The system boasts high-inertia profiles for panes > 3 m tall. Inertia calculations must take into account the size of the pane and wind pressure.

  • The maximum weight per pane is 1200 kg. Each pane has two double tandems of stainless steel rollers.

  • One tandem is for up to 500 kg and another is for > 500 kg to 1200 kg.

  • It is advisable to motorise panes weighing over 500 kg.


The frames (side, floor and ceiling) can be recessed and disappear almost completely from view. This way, only the vertical cross sections of the panes remain visible, featuring a front section that can be 38 mm or 26 mm wide (as per client specification), and a section behind it that varies depending on the inertia required to support the wind pressure according to the window surface area. This design translates into a slenderness that works beautifully in architectural projects aiming at the utmost transparency.

Free Angle

ARTYAL allows users to configure the frame to corner at 90°, without the need for a corner upright.

When the panes are opened, the corner opens wide up, blurring the line that separates the inside from the outside. When closed, the panes on either side connect, sealing out water and air.

  • EN 13155 class 1 mechanical test for resistance to manoeuvring forces and class 4 for impact resistance.

  • Multipoint closing system. There are three variants: automatic closing, fastener closing and closing with key from the inside.

Hidden Frames

View of the open pane,

showing upper frame built into the false ceiling.

Detail of the central overlap of two panes, showing lower frame flush with the outer and inner pavement.

The depth of the pane upright depends on the pressure it must support so that the glass does not exceed its stress threshold.

Each pane slides on two sets of wheels, like the one pictured. Each trolley has four double marine-quality stainless steel wheels that slide on a double stainless steel rail supporting 500 kg of weight, requiring minimal pushing effort. The 8-wheel roller can manage up to 1200 kg. It is advisable to motorise panes weighing> 500 kg.


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