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The SAFETYLINE system is ideal for new build or renovation projects involving commercial or residential properties. This louvre system reduces reliance on air-conditioning by favouring the natural ventilation and solar protection of buildings, thus contributing to energy savings.


We pride ourselves on innovation and design. This results from many years of product research and development with international teams of experts. Its aim is to create the products of tomorrow and to ensure coherence and compliance with our quality standards in every country. All products are tested in line with European and local standards upon request. We benefit from a certified testing laboratory that guarantees performance in terms of thermal properties, water tightness, shock resistance, wear, etc. The technical performance of our products, which often exceeds standards, allows a wide range of possible solutions for each project.

SAFETYLINE windows offer quality, innovation, and design, which are our strengths.

• Large dimensions

• High level of performances

• Multiple choices of composition: fixed louvres/moving, aluminium/glass/mixed

• Integration of mosquito screen

• Hidden motorisation

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